Different indeed

1.   First, I leave no stone unturned in my search for truth and value to provide my clients with confidence for their financial future.

Having grown up combing the beaches of New England, I have a life-long, insatiable appetite to search for, uncover and find value along my path. Whether culling out that investment gem, researching a tax question or seeking the best solution to a complex planning question, my instinct is never to be complacent or comfortable, but to turn over every stone that might provide a benefit to my clients.

2.  Second is my ability to take complicated information and bring everything together so that my clients can be confident in their ability to make good decisions.

Much like a law clerk or junior officer, I begin by discovering, organizing and condensing the issues, analyzing them against the backdrop of financial rules and economic conditions. It’s very much like putting together a puzzle, but once it is together, my clients can see the whole picture because I’ve made it simple for them to understand what they need to know.

3.  Finally, my relentless approach to details gives my clients and their families the assurance that comes from knowing that everything is locked down correctly, as they prepare for their family transitions.

My experience as an executor of an insufficiently constructed estate, as well as the emotional fatigue that resulted from administering long-term care insurance benefits to a parent, enable me to approach potentially stressful family situations with compassion and empathy. Clients appreciate my ability to help them prepare for the unexpected and avoid the emotional and financial damage common mistakes can cause.  


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