Our Clients

Our Clients

Accomplished in their professional lives, my clients also value their loving family relationships, and focus most of their time and energy on these two areas of their lives.

After many years of putting others before themselves in family and profession, they are ready to focus on doing what they enjoy for simple, personal satisfaction.

Their most important goal is not outliving their money—having enough to provide their desired lifestyle during retirement. But they also want to make good decisions for the benefit of their kids and grandkids. And, since most are involved in their communities, they want to make an impact through their own activities and financial contributions.

Although they may have made bold decisions during their professional career, they tend to be much more conservative in their approach to retirement planning.  They recognize the risks that can result from making a bad decision and then being unable to recover.  Sometimes they are overwhelmed by the complexity of putting together a financial plan, and dealing with taxes, government regulations, family dynamics, investment risks, and modern and sophisticated financial products.

My clients know I am there for them – they understand that I am accessible and welcome their inquiries, comments and concerns. They have come to expect that I do what’s right for them, and they feel informed, comfortable, confident and at ease as they look toward their future.

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